Login issue for users on older versions of Windows and Outlook

After 2 days and 34 minutes

We've monitored this for a few days now and can confirm the hotfix issue on Monday resolved the issue.

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After 3 hours and 56 minutes

We have issued a hotfix (version 2.4.61) that addresses this issue and will be monitoring the customers that reported it. There is no action required as the update is pushed automatically.

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After 3 hours and 12 minutes

Thanks for your patience. Our engineers are testing a fix in our staging environment at the moment.

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After 52 minutes

We don't have a hotfix yet but wanted to let you know that users can login using Outlook on the Web (ie mail.office365.com) and attach emails using CloudExtend. So sorry for this all - we're working hard to get this fixed.

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Customers on Windows versions less than 1903 or customers on Windows versions greater than 1903 but Office Microsoft 365 ver. less than 16.0.11629 are not able to login to NetSuite via CloudExtend. Our team is aware of this and we are working on a hotfix.

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Affected components
  • CloudExtend Outlook